Eco-Logic Construction is located in the Harlem Valley, Dutchess County, NY.

We specialize in designing and building energy efficient and high performance homes that, through a careful and intelligent design process, save the owners thousands of dollars in energy for the life of the home. A home that has a positive return on investment is more valuable and sought after on the real estate market.  We strive to incorporate  permaculture design principals into our projects and utilize practices like edible landscaping  to minimize impacts and provide sustainability.  It’s the Logical way to build or renovate.

Our buildings harness natural energy flows by incorporating pasecologic.SMsive solar designs to store heat or to cool, with energy recovery systems on wastewater drains and fresh air ventilation systems.   We can implement grey water and waste management systems that recover wasted energy and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.  Our designs make the most efficient use of space and materials, and in all our projects we use non-toxic building materials to ensure the health of home owner and family as well as the construction workers.

We offer Energy Star design certification for high performance homes and we  do lead safe certified renovations.

We specialize in all phases of new custom residential construction and renovation. Call for an appointment to see our model Eco-Cottage.

Nathan Roy, Owner Ecologic Construction 68 Sheffield Road Amenia, NY 12501 845-625-7371 info@ecologicconstruction.com









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