Eco-Cottage: walls and roof


Business has been great, so we’ve hardly had time to work on our own projects, but finally we got the walls up.

After the foundation was laid, we started on the frame and walls and roof. 2″ x 10″ studs were used in the walls and roof to allow extra space for insulation. Thicker walls are also more aesthetically appealing.

Details like heavy corbels under this large bay window add to the aesthetics.



The double gables and steep pitch of the roofline give the greatest amount of living space on the second floor with minimal materials.

A drip edge to match the grey metal roof is added before roof insulation is applied.

4″ of foam insulation is applied on top of the plywood and an ice and water shield is applied over the insulation. Additional 10″ of sheep’s wool insulation will be added inside the roof frame for the ultimate in R value.




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