Window trims and door

doorThe front door is a full three inches thick, made of cedar.   We added cedar trims and sills. Attention to detail makes all the difference in a construction project. Special care is taken to give the sills just the right angle to shed water. The construction crew has enjoyed working with cedar, which cuts cleanly and has a pleasant scent. Working on a number of renovation jobs over the years, we have seen proof that cedar performs better than “sustainably harvested” wood that is coming on the market now and used as trims. After five to tens years, homeowners have experienced rot in this product. Part of the problem is that this “manufactured” product is joined together to make long lengths and moisture gets into the wood through these joints.     windowtrimsThere may have be a problem with the type of fast-growing wood being used. The thing about brand new “engineered” products is that they haven’t been tested on homes for very long.  The proof of their value is only shown after many years.  That’s why we like to stick with materials that have been time tested.  We’ve seen 100-year old cedar trims on homes in much better condition than some of the new engineered products on the market. The plastic trims are not an option for Eco-Logic as they are not safe to work with. baytrims blank


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