Treehouses, Barns, Sheds

Tall Shed

100_6887This tall shed was made from posts and rafters recycled from an old pheasant coop.  The roof is Galvalume. We sided it south-facing so that we can put solar panels on it. The siding is pine shiplap.  The shed was constructed to be able to move easily.  The bottom plate is made of 6×6 skids, sitting on a 10 inch gravel base.


The dimensions are 12 x 20′ and 15′ high at the peak.

Here it is show before the door is installed.




100_6877This is a passive solar outhouse design that we’re working on to use on our job sites.  (In the background there is an unfinished shed project.) The outhouse uses the heat of the sun to kill pathogens and evaporate water.  Inside there is a normal ceramic toilet and a holding tank of fresh water. Dual containers in the drying unit can be alternated, making disposal of the dry compost end product easy.