Sustainable Design Consulting

Before you begin a construction project, it makes sense to think about the ways in which it might be possible to make your project more energy efficient and environmentally responsible.

Designing For Energy Efficiency 
-Siting the new building.  Proper placement of a structure is crucial to gaining as much solar heat in winter and shading from direct sun in summer. Proper siting should also advantage of the site’s trees or hills.
-Designing for material size so that there is little waste.
-Sizing and placing windows to take advantage of the sun in the winter and shade from the sun in the summer.

Evaluating Green Materials
-Produced or manufactured locally
-Aesthetically appealing
-Meet building requirements
-Competitively priced
-Low embodied energy
-Promote efficient use of resources
-Readily recyclable when their useful life is over
-Made from natural or recycled materials



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