Home Caretaking

key_Eco-Logic is a full-service construction company, so you can trust us to maintain and repair your home like a professional.

General repairs
We can make any repairs, inside or outside, including drywall, faucet leaks, broken fixtures, tile repair, winterizing, and more. No project too small. Or if you are thinking bigger and would you like to renovate your home while you are away for the season, we can do any type of renovation or addition.
$50-$60 per hour

Seasonal Chores
Whatever the season, we can help with the chores: snow shoveling, lawn mowing, gutter cleaning, pruning, leaf cleanup, gardening or stone wall repair. Want an organic vegetable garden? or edible landscaping? We can help.
$40 per hour

House Checks
If you are a second homeowner, we can provide you with peace of mind while you are away. We can check your home weekly, or as the need arises, to make sure there are no leaks or machine failures or doors and windows left unlocked. Leave something behind? Give us a call and we will send it to you. Alarm going off? We will investigate. Need cable installed or repaired? We can meet the technician. Give us a call.
$50 per hour.

Call 845-625-7371


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