cropped-ecologicnamed.pngEco-Logic Construction offers several non-toxic, sustainable products.


As an insulator, sheep’s wool has inherent structural advantages over synthetic materials. The spring-like properties of wool fiber give elasticity and resilience. Tightly packed wool will naturally expand inside the wall over time rather than shrink and sink. Wool has a high moisture threshold and moisture-retention rate, which provides excellent natural

walnuthuskOur walnut stain is all natural, non-toxic way to bring out beautiful wood tones. There are no toxic fumes to harm the person applying the stain, the color is deep and natural, and it lasts. Made from ground walnut husks from trees indigenous to the area. Walnut stain has natural anti-microbial properties and has been used for centuries. Easy to apply, easy to clean up.

ClayWe offer a natural clay plaster product.  Clay plaster has a number of advantages over paint. It is a natural product, found in abundance and easily resourced; it is not a petroleum by-product and its use does not help sustain the oil and gas industry; it is non-toxic; it regulates indoor humidity by absorbing excess moisture in times of high humidity and

100_4937Our micro-flush or rainwater flush wastewater system is a clean, efficient answer to managing your waste and water systems. Black and grey water lines are separated and the black water is routed to a biogas tank that produces methane to heat your home. The grey water is filtered through a septic tank, without the leech field, and then used to water landscaping. More information coming soon…

milkpaintWe offer Old Fashion Milk Paint (c) products for your interior walls. Milk Paint  contains only ingredients that are all-natural and will not harm the environment. Milk Paint comes in twenty different colors. Using casein ( milk protein) as a binder, milk paint is organic and bio-degradable, with zero VOCs. Recommended on clay walls or where ever a breathable surface tint is preferred for humidity control.



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